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Boost your Scaling

If you're working to expand further into real estate investing, Turnkey Estimates can empower you. The more deals you can recognize, the more money you can make. 

Repeatable Results

With Turnkey Estimates, you can trust yourself to estimate a rehab project accurately every time. Lock into your profitable zone by only putting in offers for houses you've checked out with Turnkey Estimates.

Turnkey Estimates is an estimating app. to help real estate investors estimate a rehab project. It was designed to help investors get accurate estimates faster. All you have to do is answer 57 easy questions. The questions start with square footage, and from there, you will answer questions about the state of the walls, flooring, cabinets, plumbing, etc. 

Every question is based on what you can see or smell to make it user-friendly. We encourage you to walk the house as you answer the questions, but it is possible to use the app. from pictures alone. New and seasoned investors find this app. invaluable. It's simple interface and powerful insights make it a must-have tool, so what are you waiting for? Download it today. 

The Estimating  App. 

for Real Estate ​Investors