Putting in an educated offer has never been easier. You don't need someone to tell you if you've stumbled upon a great real estate deal. Empower yourself with Turnkey Estimates. With this tool at your fingertips, the only thing holding you back from real estate success is finding the time to visit all the properties. 

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Why spend the time and money waiting for an estimator to quote your rehab. project when you don't have to? With Turnkey Estimates, we give you the power to put in educated offers. It's a download away.

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The Benefits

It's all smiles when you estimate a house with Turnkey Estimates. You'll know what you're getting into with each project you estimate. Real estate investing doesn't have to be stressful.  Check out Turnkey Estimates for an easy-to-use tool.


The deals are out there. You're just missing the tool to help you recognize them. The Turnkey Estimates App. helps investors recognize a great investment with a series of simple questions. All you have to do is look and click. It's that easy.